Heat Pumps Installed By Morrison Plumbing & Heating...

Heat Pumps offer a newer technology that  is incredibly efficient and is more environmentally friendly.

Your home's energy is not used to produce heat  as it would with a boiler.  Instead, the heat pump collects heat  using outside temperatures to warm up a refrigerant gas which helps achieve warmer temperatures once the refrigerant is compressed into a liquid in the home. That gained heat can then be used for your heating and hot water. 

The Pros of Heat Pumps...

  • Uses less energy (KW) and lowers your impact on the environment
  • Government Grants help with the installation costs to move away from boilers
  • Provides a more gentle sustained heat over a longer time

The Cons of Heat Pumps...

  • Slower to warm the house 'if' it’s been turned off
  • They struggle to warm up older houses with poor insulation due to the slower release of heat
  • Runs on electricity which is currently more expensive than gas
  • It can’t provide instant hot water, so a cylinder or heat battery is required

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